** All profits from the sale of these keyring tags will go to Claire Mallet who is bravely remaining in Poltava, Ukraine to protect and care for the rescue animals she has dedicated her life to - additional information about Claire's work and her current plight can be found on our facebook page **


Are you prepared in the case of an emergency? These bright red keyring tags will ensure your pet(s) are taken care of in case of an emergency. 


The keyring tags are made from durable plastic and are washable. Engraved text ensures that the text will not flake or peel away and will remain legible. 


Our tag comes with two pet care wallet cards so emergency responders can let your emergency contact know that your pet will need care while you are unable to do so. 


Each set includes one keyring tag and two pet care wallet cards.


This listing is for "My Pets" if you require "My Pet" please see separate listing. 


* we recommend writing the emergency contact details with permanent ink pen *

Emergency Pet Keyring Tag (My Pets)