I think it is probably fair to say that 2020 can get f**ked!! What a delightful shit festival it has been for us all. 


It seemed fitting that we may want to celebrate it's passing so let me introduce this super fuckey Fuckflake 2020 ornament. It's fucking awful! Our Fuckflake comes in its very own gift box with a very jolly card containing our 2020 poem "The Night Before Christmas 2020".  Just to help us relive the misery that was this year of course.  


I will be making a limited quantity of these because, lets face it, day drinking is common and motivation is low, so first come first served!! 


Fuckflake is made from acrylic and measures approx 10cm (4 Inches)  


2020 eh? What a pox. 


Made in Ireland with love (and copious amounts of whiskey) 




Limited Edition - 2020 Commemorative F***flake Red & White!!



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